Use of Industrial baking soda Sodium bicarbonate

1. Chemical uses
Sodium bicarbonate is an important component and additive in the preparation of many other chemical raw materials. Sodium bicarbonate is also used in the production and treatment of various chemicals, such as natural PH buffers, catalysts and reactants, and stabilizers used in the transportation and storage of various chemicals.
2. Detergent industrial use
With excellent chemical properties, sodium bicarbonate has good physical and chemical reaction efficiency to acidic substances and oil-containing substances. It is an economic, clean and environmental cleaner, which plays a very important role in industrial cleaning and household cleaning. At present, in all kinds of soap used in the world, the traditional saponin has been completely replaced by sodium bicarbonate.
3. Metal industry applications
In the metal industry chain, in the process of mineral processing, smelting, metal heat treatment and many other processes, sodium bicarbonate as an important smelting auxiliary solvent, sand turning process molding auxiliaries, and flotation process concentration ratio is widely used, is an indispensable important material.
4, environmental protection applications
The application of environmental protection is mainly in the discharge of “three wastes”. Such as: steelmaking plant, coking plant, cement plant tail gas desulfurization should use sodium bicarbonate. Waterworks use sodium bicarbonate for primary purification of raw water. Waste incineration requires the use of sodium bicarbonate and neutralization of toxic substances. Some chemical factories and biopharmaceutical factories use sodium bicarbonate as deodorant. In the anaerobic process of wastewater, baking soda can act as a buffer to make the treatment easy to control and avoid causing methane. In the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools, sodium bicarbonate plays an important role in the removal of lead and copper and the regulation of pH and alkalinity. In these industrial sectors, sodium bicarbonate is widely used.
5, other industries and other comprehensive uses.
Baking soda is also an indispensable material in other industrial production areas. For example: film fixing solution of film studio, tanning process in leather industry, finishing process in weaving high-end fiber warp and weft, stabilizing process in spinning spindle of textile industry, fixing agent and acid-base buffer in dyeing and printing industry, foamer of hair hole rubber and various sponges in rubber industry Art, combined with soda ash, is an important component and additive for civil caustic soda, fire extinguishing agent. Sodium bicarbonate is widely used in agriculture, and even widely used in agriculture.图片1

Post time: Dec-06-2022